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The first novel in my Dark World series, Dark World : The Surface Girl is available on amazon kindle for $0.99 or FREE if you are subscribed to KindleUnlimited, and it’s also available in print for $10.99! (free shipping for Amazon Prime members!)

Dark World : The Surface Girl on Kindle
Dark World : The Surface Girl Paperback  




The second novel in my Dark World series,
Dark World : The Lockdown is available on amazon kindle for only $0.99 or FREE if you are subscribed to KindleUnlimited. It’s also available in print for $10.99! (Free shipping for Amazon Prime members!)

Dark World : The Lockdown on Kindle
Dark World : The Lockdown Paperback



“Amethyst” is the first of a series of short companion stories that take place in the Dark World Universe. It is digital-exclusive (not available in Print). It is FREE to download!

Amethyst : Download on Kindle


about the author

IMG_2543 (1)Once upon a time, there was a very strong-willed twelve-year-old who spent four months of her pre-teen life writing her very first novel. It centered around a selfish, anthropomorphic cat who decided to take over a forest kingdom and reign all of the creatures that resided in it. I went for the classic underdog hero motif, inventing a brave little mouse who decided to gather an army and fight against Sarminera’s tyranny. What can I say, at the time I was obsessed with Brian Jaques novels and who can deny that eventually, cats will take over the earth? Come on, you all know its true. You’ve seen the way cats stare us down with large, dilated pupils; patient, calculating, waiting for the perfect moment to execute their flawless plans of tyranny…

I digress.

Barnes and Noble trips with my father were among my favorite things to do at that age, I would always end up with handfuls of novels meant to be read by people far older than myself at the time and somehow I would manage to convince my father that I needed every single one of them right at that moment or I would suddenly keel over and succumb to mysterious and finalizing death. I also swore that someday, I would be the author of a handful of books that would rest on those very shelves. Some people are simply born with a calling; a special kind of confidence and passion that overwhelms them with purpose. I’ve known since my pre-teen years that writing has always been my number-one calling, not just as a career choice but as a coping method for all of the challenges and confusions of everyday life. I may have been coy and dramatic when I spent my pre-teen years convincing my father that books were as important to me as air, but even as an adult, I repeat that same passionate statement with honesty and no ulterior motive.

I love to write YA fiction, and right now I am immersed in a YA dystopian, post-alien invasion serial novel called “Dark World.” My dramatic, character-driven tale comes from the point of view of a young captive of The Complex, following her choices, her emotions, her failures and her successes as she helps to uncover a government conspiracy in order to free people from the tyranny they have been victimized by for almost a century.

In addition to my fictional endeavors, I blog about my passions, as well and my thoughts and views on various topics. I don’t expect everyone to agree with all of my views but I do ask that my blog is always respected as my personal place to share my thoughts.

I write to live, and I live to write. Get to know me and maybe we can be friends.


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